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Give Me Liberty Fund

Give Me Liberty Fund - Concord BridgeWelcome to Give Me Liberty Fund

Our Inspiration

Inspired by one of America’s most courageous and articulate statesman, Give Me Liberty Fund desires to stand for the same principles and maxims of Liberty as Patrick Henry so uniquely articulated to his generation in the face of uncertainty, opposition, and indifference. His “give me Liberty or give me death” speech in 1775 to the Virginia representatives, embodied the vision and leadership to pursue Liberty, justice, and independence. More than just giving a much needed speech of discernment and motivation, Mr. Henry carried out his vision and encouraged others to join him. Patrick Henry sparked the flame in the hearts and minds of America’s patriots to create the world’s most notable free nation in history.

Our Goal

Give Me Liberty Fund has the purpose of carrying forth that same flame of Liberty throughout the United States. The conditions of living are different than when Patrick Henry lived. However, one thing has not changed: Liberty is not free. Its costs are innumerable. This includes the cost of study, awareness, involvement, pursuit, determination, responsibility, risks, diligence, and more. Without monetary funding, the efforts of freedom-loving Americans become diminished or out-right defeated by the enemies of Liberty. Give Me Liberty Fund accomplishes the goal of advancing the preservation of Liberty in America by funding the causes that carry out Patrick Henry’s demonstration of both vision and action. The GMLF general expense budget is open for all to see how the costs of Liberty are being prioritized and purposed.

Our Plan: The Power of One

We are more convinced than ever that our greatest strength is in numbers. One becomes two, which become the few. Eventually you have many working together for something much greater than oneself.

We are calling for dedicated Americans to contribute less than a dollar a day. It’s not much. However, when we unite the greater numbers, a million Americans working together can raise a million dollars per day. With this kind of funding we can truly preserve the nation.

The plan is really quite simple.

1. Unite individual Americans to contribute Less Than A Dollar A Day.

2. In the spirit of transparency, the GMLF publishes for all to see where and how the money contributed is actually being used and spent. Examples include a constitutional speaker’s bureau, support of honesty in the media, funding of well-known, Liberty-minded groups across the country, a constitutional legal defense fund, local political candidates for office, the state’s rights/nullification movements…to name a few.

3. Patriotic business owners will provide discounted products and services to the Give Me Liberty Fund members. Businesses win because Americans bring them business. Businesses are able to provide special pricing and services because of reduced advertising costs. Members win because they will end up saving more than they spent on the GMLF membership. Both feel grateful to participate in the restoration of the greatest and freest country in the world!

Our Belief

Give Me Liberty Fund uses its organization and contributor funding to support and advance the following principles:

1. God is the source of our rights.

2. The sole purpose of government is to preserve those God-given unalienable rights.

3. The written words of our Constitution have meaning, and those meanings may be known. They are considered a written binding contract, and a sacred oath is taken by ALL who hold office to live by that contract.

4. The powers granted to the national government are enumerated—spelled out and intentionally limited.

5. Constitutional checks and balances are intended to prevent the departments of the national government from usurping un-granted power.

6. The Constitution clearly separates and divides the power granted to the national government to guard against tyranny.

7. The powers constitutionally delegated by the people to the national government MAY NOT be circumvented or transferred by those to whom they are delegated.

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